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National Student Clearinghouse data will identify students eligibility for an associate degree
Building campus recreation centers to meet evolving student expectations

University Business, November 2014

More institutions are creating energy conversation plans that cover the entire campus rather than just individual buildings.
How higher ed institutions are adopting energy management initiatives for energy savings
Wesleyan University orders fraternities to become co-ed; Clemson has suspended them
City law says athletes who have or may have concussions cannot re-enter games
University of Baltimore plans for savings, builds for aesthetics

University Business, October 2014

India and China are sending the most students to U.S. colleges to study STEM subjects.
Top schools for STEM internationals include the University of Southern California, Purdue University (Ind.), the University of Illinois, New York University and Columbia University
Assistant secretary for civil rights threatens to withhold federal funds

University Business, September 2014

For the first time, students are paying, on average, half or more of their tuition’s cost. (Click to enlarge graphic)
Funding for medicaid, correctional facilities and K-12 wins out over higher education
An average of 18 percent of campus IT systems are redundant, a recent survey says