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University Business, May 2015

At UMBC’s Imaging Research Center, students get hands-on experience using technologies to create 3D visualizations, interactive installations and immersive media experiences. (Photos courtesy of Marlayna Demond for UMBC)
University offers students a game development track in computer science
This University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill history department building is named for former student, North Carolina secretary of state and Ku Klux Klan member William Saunders.
Students, faculty demand The University of North Carolina change name of building named for Ku Klux Klan member

University Business, April 2015

Students at UC San Diego walked out in solidarity with adjuncts at the university.
Coordinated protests on National Adjunct Walkout Day draw faculty and student support

University Business, March 2015

A December 2014 measles outbreak, which began in California’s Disneyland and has now spread to 14 states, brought national attention to the University of California system’s policy that requires vaccination only against hepatitis B
Many states not requiring immunizations for college students
Union focuses on funding, keeping faculty salary on pace with cost of living and improving job security
Colleges and universities offer tips on managing unionizing efforts on campus

University Business, February 2015

Obama administration's system based on access, affordability and outcome

University Business, January 2015

In 2013, nearly seven in 10 borrowers owed less than $25,000 in college debt, according to the College Board. (Click to enlarge)
With students having borrowed $106 billion, total debt for 2013-14 is down by $8.7 billion

University Business, December 2014

Building campus recreation centers to meet evolving student expectations
Colleges and universities balance questions of safety and discrimination when asking about criminal histories on applications.
Three New York schools have eliminated or altered questions pertaining to applicants’ criminal histories