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Published by: University Business 11/6/2013
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Hechinger Report via

Several Mexican universities are considering stepping in to offer accredited university classes in California and other states primarily to serve an immigrant population that lags far behind others in college education.  Read more>>


This year, 29 percent of admissions officers said they typed in the applicant’s name on Google and 31 percent checked Facebook or other social network sites.  Read more>>

AP via Tulsa World

Thousands of part-time college professors are joining labor unions, a growing trend in higher education that's boosting the ranks of organized labor and giving voice to teachers who complain about low pay and a lack of job security at some of the nation's top universities.  Read more>>

From UB Magazine
Park this way: Colleges find high-tech solutions

Caryn Meyers Fliegler

Campus parking—once a process-oriented, back-end part of the higher education ecosystem—is emerging as an avenue for supporting sustainability efforts, saving costs, and providing campus stakeholders a (gasp) pleasant experience.  Read more>>

USA Today

While most universities offer support for students with mental health conditions, some who have taken psychological leave have found the process of returning to school difficult or impossible.  Read more>>

Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas legislators toured state universities to give university officials a chance to make their case for what they do and why they deserve state funding.Missing from the conversation was the teaching and research in the humanities, arts and social sciences, which has played a critical role at universities for more than 100 years.  Read more>>

Las Cruces Sun-News

College and university presidents across the state are endorsing a new way of funding their schools. The model would encourage legislators to fund colleges and universities based on the previous year's allocations while providing incentive, performance-based funding that rewards different types of schools for meeting their different missions.  Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis
The Patriot News

After years of being looked to as the sole avenue to the American Dream and gateways to knowledge, colleges and universities find themselves answering fundamental questions, including how to provide first-class programs at a time of declining taxpayer support.  Read more>>

The Californian

Administrators and some alumni groups at the University of California and the California State University systems for years have opposed the notion of community colleges granting anything more than two-year associate of arts degrees. But it's an idea that’s allowed in more than 20 other states.  Read more>>

The Anchor

I think arming the police on campus is a good thing. I do understand the cons to the situation, but I would not want to be the student who depends on an officer that needs a minute to call Providence Police.  Read more>>

The Anchor

The truth of the matter is the more guns on the campus the more risk there is for something to go wrong. No matter how well trained, no matter how many years the campus police worked as active duty police for a city or town, no matter how many safety checks or training sessions they are made to go to.  Read more>>

Association News & Events

Are you feeling pressured to find more students with fewer resources? Do you wonder how enrollment professionals can contribute to the “completion agenda”? What are the emerging best practices in student recruitment, admissions and financial aid?  Read more>>

The premier higher education e-learning event with an emphasis on effective practices, policy, and technology enhanced teaching and learning.  Read more>>

Industry News
Cengage Learning

Unlike options currently offered by other e-book providers, this new purchase model will allow libraries to purchase e-books based on actual usage, allowing libraries to perform evidence-based collection development.  Read more>>

Sonic Foundry

WNC now uses Mediasite for lecture capture on its three remaining campuses, allowing students to access live or on-demand webcasts on their desktops or mobile devices.  Read more>>


Qualitative, or write-in text comments, once useful only to those instructors and administrators who read them one-by-one, can now automatically be analyzed via EvaluationKIT Text Analytics to provide summary reporting to college and university administrators.  Read more>>

The NCHERM Group

The NCHERM Group has a shortcut to SaVE you time. They have created template language to satisfy all of the new SaVE Act disclosure requirements (at least as best can be deciphered before regulations are issued).  Read more>>

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