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University Business, June 2015

Five moves to make immediately following a data breach—and what they’ll cost your college

University Business, February 2015

Preventing flu at Mizzou: University of Missouri got more students to get a flu vaccination by  folding the cost into the per-semester student health fee and by offering the shot at locations throughout campus.
Advance planning the key to preventing and managing infectious diseases on campus
Communicable diseases that can impact college and university campuses run the gamut from mumps to measles.
An array of other diseases that may impact a campus

University Business, October 2014

ed a teaching winery and two winery incubators that provide jobs to students as they learn a craft related to a well-established local industry.
Close ties to surrounding communities are a long-standing tradition, but in today’s economic climate the pressure is on to serve residents and demonstrate value
Happy trails: Community members who have walked, jogged or biked the trails that crisscross the campus of Brookhaven College in Texas have given back to the institution through donations, even when they have no other ties to the school.
In states where local tax dollars do not directly fund community colleges, schools are actively supporting their communities

University Business, May 2014

Swipe for entry: Florida State and other  campuses are moving toward all buildings,  not just dorms, requiring a card key for access.
Strategies for keeping the campus secure while maintaining a community feel
Colleges see results after tightening security measures

University Business, December 2013

Newer campus security systems capitalize on the ubiquity of mobile devices.
Mobile devices allow the whole community to be campus safety’s eyes and ears
Middle Tennessee State hopes to create neighborhood watch-like atmosphere