Kylie Lacey

Special Projects Editor

Kylie Lacey is special projects editor for University Business and its sister publication District Administration.

Articles by Kylie Lacey

University Business, September 2014

Institutions are typically not using completion data to drive default prevention strategies, researcher says

University Business, August 2014

Driving college loan defaults down
Outsourcing loan default prevention management to remove institutional burden and improve student services
Creative ways that default prevention providers connect with borrowers
Tough economic times are forcing campus CFOs to expand their roles.
Today's campus CFO must have an entrepreneurial spirit

University Business, July 2014

The Law School Admission Council will reform its accommodations request process and cease flagging tests of students who asked for extra time.
Over the past five years, students have asked for ADA accommodations on the LSAT

University Business, June 2014

Using digital signage to point campus visitors in the right direction
Enrollment drop due to 'job contraction and an overreaction to that contraction'

University Business, May 2014

Students volunteer to teach English to catering and facilities staff
Here’s how proposed increases in some states compare to 2013-2014 budgets (and budgets of the recent past).
Slow climb to pre-recession funding

University Business, April 2014

Reverse auctions have, by some accounts, proven to save institutions more than 40 percent on goods and services.
Real-time reverse auction events are helping institutions save on purchases—and making the procurement office an exciting place to be