Zetta.Net Rolls Out "Disaster Recovery For Every School" Program At EDUCAUSE 2012

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DENVER, Colo. – Zetta.net today announced that it is bringing second generation hybrid cloud backup to educational institutions, making it possible for schools with budgets large or small to implement cloud-based offsite server backup and disaster recovery. Resource-constrained schools can now get the functionality of all three backup, disaster recovery and archiving technologies for less cost than backups alone. With Zetta.net, schools can cost-efficiently ensure their data is both safe and easily recoverable in response to minor errors or major disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

Schools preparing for potential disasters, such as a hurricane or fire that don't have budgets for offsite backup and disaster recovery products, can take advantage of Zetta's 15-day free Data Evacuation Cloud Service. It can be deployed immediately, without any appliances, in three steps:

1. Go to www.zetta.net and click on Free Trial or call Zetta at 1-877-469-3882.
2. Download and install the ZettaMirror software agent on the servers with the data you need to move offsite.
3. Start evacuating your data.

Multiple Functionality with a Single Unified Solution
Many educational institutions today rely on separate products to perform backups for Exchange servers, VMware environment and file servers - a costly, yet common, set-up for many schools. Additionally, offsite backup is often too expensive for colleges and universities who, as a result, rarely implement a geographically-dispersed disaster recovery strategy.

Zetta.net combines all the functionality of local, offsite and remote campus backup into one unified solution, making it ideal for smaller education IT budgets. By delivering fast, reliable server backup and recovery at a fraction of the cost of backup alone, Zetta.net helps colleges and universities economically and reliably gain instant access to their valuable data when needed without having to incur the high cost of traditional hardware-based solutions.

Multiple Platform Support
Zetta.net supports up to 18 platforms such as Mac, Unix and Windows so colleges and universities can easily sustain all of their departmental data, regardless of operating environment and educational discipline. Backups and disaster recovery across different locations and platforms are seamlessly managed through a centralized web-based interface.

Pricing and Availability
Zetta.net DataProtect is available now and starts at $225 per month. Pricing includes unlimited software licenses that combines local, offsite and remote campus backup, archiving and disaster recovery, application plug-ins and APIs, 500GB of enterprise-grade secure online storage and 24x7 U.S.-based support.

Zetta.net at EDUCAUSE 2012
• Zetta.net will feature its hybrid cloud backup solution at EDUCAUSE 2012, November 6-9 in Denver, Colorado. Visit the Zetta.net kiosk in Market Research Alley to learn about the Disaster Recovery for Every School and 15-day Data Evacuation Programs, and about the research Zetta.net will be conducting at the conference on offsite backup and disaster recovery in the schools. For more about EDUCAUSE go to http://www.educause.edu/annual-conference.
• On November 8, Zetta.net Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering Lou Montulli will deliver a presentation titled Next-Generation Backup: Simpler and Cheaper, with Disaster Recovery Capability. Montulli will discuss how higher education IT professionals can simplify and combine local and off-site backups, archiving and disaster recovery over the web, while driving down backup costs. The session will include a case study video and technology demonstration.

About Zetta.net
Zetta.net is an award-winning provider of enterprise-grade 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery and archiving technology for small/medium enterprises, distributed organizations, and managed service providers (MSPs). The SaaS-based solution enables companies to simplify backups and instantly recover data through a single management point. With local, offsite, archiving and disaster recovery functionality integrated into one solution, Zetta.net delivers the value of multiple products at a fraction of the cost.