Is your academic advising office overworked and inefficient?

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Spending cuts to higher education continue to be a harsh reality as states look for ways to balance their budgets.

For example, the state of Louisiana recently announced plans to strip $46 million in state funds from its 2014 budget, largely from higher education and health services.

These budgets cuts impact university academic advisement offices, which must complete more work with less time and staff.

“Academic advisors play a key role in the career path of today’s students, yet these professionals often lack the resources to adequately manage their offices,” said Bob La Loggia, CEO of Appointment-Plus academic scheduling software. “The task of administering student information and scheduling advising appointments can be daunting to an understaffed office.

“That’s why more academic advisors are implementing online software to assist them.”

Here are four ways online educational scheduling software lets academic advising offices do more with less:

1.    It automates tasks.

Online software programs automate tedious and time-consuming tasks that affect staff production. For example, academic scheduling software lets students book their sessions online instead of having to call. This can save advising offices over 20 hours a week.

2.     It’s easily accessible.

Online programs are cloud-based, just like e-mail and social media pages. This means they’re accessible from any Internet-connected device. Staff can access them instantly from their smartphones.

3.     Open API integrates with other programs.

Online software can sync with programs you already use, such as Google and Outlook calendars. Additionally, some applications can integrate with existing campus systems. This creates a smoother process for accessing and managing student information.

4.     It’s user-friendly.

Online software is designed with the user in mind. This makes them easy to learn. Staff can be brought up-to-speed quickly and begin using the software with a minimal amount of training.

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