You Can't Mandate Conservative Profs

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University of Colorado Regent Jim Geddes believes "conservative scholars just aren't welcome" on the Boulder campus and told fellow board members last week that "we need to take an active approach and diversify our faculty."

Well, good luck with that, Dr. Geddes. You couldn't have signed onto a more hopeless cause if you were proposing to rename Dalton Trumbo Fountain — which honors an unapologetic supporter of a totalitarian regime — for George W. Bush.

After all, similar complaints about political bias on the Boulder campus have been lodged for years, and a fat lot of good they've done.

Make no mistake: Although Geddes overstates the attitude of the campus toward right-of-center scholars, he's surely correct about the faculty's leftward tilt. Indeed, it was mind-boggling to read in The Post's report of the regents' meeting that Democratic member Stephen Ludwig "said he's heard of anecdotal stories about a lack of diversity among the faculty but he'd like to see the facts proving it."

Does Ludwig think Boulder's faculty is much different from those at other major universities, where surveys have repeatedly shown a heavy liberal/left orientation? Does he think the faculty has changed dramatically from 1998, when a Rocky Mountain News reporter checked voter registration and found Democrats outnumbering Republicans by a ratio of "32 to 1 among humanities and social science professors"?

That's as close to a "herd of independent minds" as it gets.

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