Yale's Impact On New Haven Discussed At Board Of Aldermen Meeting

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The city’s biggest taxpayer is also its largest employer, members of the Board of Aldermen learned at a meeting held at the Dixwell Yale Community Learning Center where Yale University Office of New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development made a lengthy presentation to the 20 plus aldermen who attended the meeting.

Yale pays $4 million in annual property taxes; has paid $25 million in permit fees over the past three years and the city receives $30 million annually from the state to reimburse New Haven for revenue loss on Yale’s tax exempt property Bruce D. Alexander, vice president for New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development said.

Alexander led the discussion on exactly what kind of a neighbor the university is to the city.

Board of Aldermen Majority Leader Alphonse Paolillo said this was one of many meetings the board has been having with organizations.

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