At Yale, The Return Of Sex Week

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Sex Week is coming to Yale – complete with a porn star, anti-porn advocate and a "love week" alternative.

Sex Week 2012's porn princess, Maggie Mayhem, is not expected to wreak havoc on the Yale University campus as her stage name might suggest. Mayhem, who declined to give her real name for personal protection, is scheduled to be part of a panel discussion about the ethics of pornography during the series of events from Feb. 4-14.

Student organizers -- who fought long and hard to have the event this year after facing much friction -- say pornography is an important part of the series, but a small part. Besides Mayhem, they have other speakers on their itinerary, including authors and activists.

"We don't think an issue has to be either exciting or educational. We really think it can be both. That's doesn't mean we're doing anything explicit or inappropriate," said student organizer Paul Holmes. "The discussion itself should be interesting, and some students will find it stimulating."

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