Yale Law Professors Urge Paying Students To Drop Out

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It's not an idea many people would have taken seriously a decade or so ago, but a proposal by two Yale Law School professors that law schools offer to rebate half a student's first-year tuition if the student quits at the end of that year is prompting plenty of debate this week.

Ian Ayres and Akhil Reed Amar wrote an essay posted on Slate.com at http://slate.me/w30Dfo that argues — persuasively, some say — that paying students to quit law school could alleviate the numbers of graduates with six-figure law school loans who can't find a job that pays enough to cover the debt.

"Especially troubling are allegations that some schools admit students they know are unlikely to repay their loans," the essay says, "leaving taxpayers [who guarantee these loans] holding the bag."

In an interview this week, Ayres said: "There are a variety of concerns that different people have. One concern that I have is whether students are making informed choices and whether law schools are providing them with enough information before they decide to borrow a lot of money."

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