Yale Issues Report On Sex Misconduct Complaints

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Yale University officials say 49 complaints of sexual harassment and other misconduct were brought to their attention in the first six months of this year and nearly a fourth of the cases involved allegations against faculty.

The 12 complaints against faculty included inappropriate remarks and unwanted physical contact with students; some allegations were substantiated and others were not, the report said. Teachers were counseled about appropriate conduct, received training and, in a few cases, disciplinary warnings.

The Ivy League university this week issued its second semi-annual report on complaints of sexual misconduct. The first report covered the second half of last year and cited 52 complaints.

The reports are among steps Yale has taken in recent years to address sexual misconduct. In the past, Yale issued annual reports that covered only the undergraduate school and focused on all types of infractions. The new reports cover the entire university and focus on sexual misconduct, officials said.

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