Wrong Fight For NCAA? Writer On Time.Com Says U of North Dakota Nickname ‘Harmless,’ Even ‘Positive’

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The long and continuing fight over UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname has caught the attention of Time.com, which reports this week on the NCAA’s campaign against the use of American Indian nicknames and “the puzzling, quite unique case of North Dakota.”

It’s the latest example of national media head-scratching, analysis and commentary concerning the Fighting Sioux story, which may or may not be ending. UND is actively transitioning away from the nickname and logo, but that could be affected by pending federal lawsuits, a proposed referendum and a parallel initiated measure that would ask the people to enshrine the nickname in North Dakota’s Constitution.

After recounting the history of the dispute, including the recent legislative and judicial maneuverings, writer Sean Gregory notes that the NCAA “has plenty of issues to worry about, most importantly melding academics and athletics.”

He asks, “Isn’t the organization picking the wrong fight here?”

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