W&L will remove Confederate battle flags from Lee Chapel

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The president of Washington and Lee University on Tuesday said in a mass email to faculty and students that the battle flags of the Confederacy will be removed from Lee Chapel and that the university will continue to study its historical involvement with slavery.

President Kenneth Ruscio issued a lengthy statement in response to a controversy that began last spring when a group of law school students called the Committee demanded that W&L stop glorifying Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy and acknowledge Lee and the university’s ownership of slaves.

“I am happy that we made some progress,” said Brandon Hicks, one of the Committee members. “Some of our concerns were met and some of them were not. We are happy with the removal of the Confederate flags from Lee Chapel and are in agreement with the placement of flags in the museum. That met our demands and is not in an area where students have to convene.”

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