Witt to Cut 29 Faculty Spots

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Wittenberg University leaders will soon decide which 29 of the current 141 faculty positions should be cut to help address the university’s $7 million budget shortfall.

Spread over five years, the 29 reductions represents five more positions — and about $300,000 more — than the faculty’s Educational Policy Committee had recommended in its preliminary report in January.

Provost Christopher Duncan is holding a final series of meetings this week and said the additional cuts came after the administration and board reviewed the policy committee’s plan and found it “difficult to see” how the cuts could meet President Laurie M. Joyner’s goal of fixing the budget gap.

Joyner set the $7 million goal in August, a month after becoming president. The red ink built up during a time when enrollment declined and the university didn’t trim its expenses to offset falling tuition revenue.

Cutting the five additional positions would increase the academic side’s share of the cuts to $2.5 million. The Wittenberg Board will meet in May to review the proposed academic and other cuts.

The university faculty has formal authority only over whether to start up or discontinue academic programs or degrees, not over individual positions.

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