Who Should Run Alabama’s Community Colleges? (Opinion)

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Alabama may get a new higher education board. The Alabama State Board of Education is in charge of both k-12 education and community colleges. The speaker of the state House of Representatives wants a new board, specifically for community colleges.

He thinks business experts would be best. Really?

According to an article by Marie Leech in the Birmingham News:

Speaker Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, and others question whether the Alabama Board of Education, which oversees both the K-12 system and the two-year college system, is too distracted and divided to do both jobs. They wonder if the structure of the system itself is set up to fail, and complain that two-year college presidents wield so much power that the board has lost control.

“There has been talk of different scenarios,” Hubbard said in an interview with The Birmingham News. “I am supportive of giving it to a new entity focused on what the two-year system can be, and who is not worried about politics. I think it should be an appointed board of business-oriented, industry-oriented people. We have to run this like a business.”

Hubbard’s perhaps got a point. Why are community colleges governed by the same board that oversees elementary schools?

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