When Law Takes Effect, Guns Will Be Legal On University of Wisconsin Campuses, But Not In Buildings

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Come November, Badger fans may tailgate while armed but will still be forbidden from bringing their guns inside stadiums, classrooms or any other buildings at the flagship UW-Madison campus and the University of Wisconsin System's 26 campuses statewide, officials confirmed Thursday. 

"I would like that," said UW-Madison sophomore Roxolana Sklepova of keeping buildings weapon-free. "You would hope people wouldn't bring guns to those places anyway."

The shift — currently guns are barred on system campuses — comes to accommodate the state's concealed carry law and will likely change the look of campuses, with large "Firearms Prohibited in Building" signs expected to adorn every entrance to every campus building in accordance with the new law.

The concealed carry law takes effect Nov. 1 and gives people who obtain a permit and go through training the right to carry concealed weapons in public but not at places such as police stations, schools and courthouses. 

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