When it comes to rape culture, UConn president must listen to students

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Imagine you’re a university president, and a group of sexual assault survivors bring a civil rights complaint against your administration alleging that victims have routinely been ignored, belittled, doubted, and had their motivations called into question — all while their abusers suffered little to no real punishment. Obviously, you wouldn’t respond to this by shaming, doubting, or calling into question the motivations of the complainants, right?

Wrong. “I cannot speak to the motivations of people who have suggested this,” University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst said in reaction to the Title IX complaint a group of students have brought to the federal Department of Education alleging that the university wasn’t doing enough to protect its students. Herbst went on to suggest, according to the Hartford Courant, that the complaint was “astonishingly misguided” and “demonstrably untrue.”

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