When Daniels Is Purdue's President, He Can Lobby Legislature, Rulings Say

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When Gov. Mitch Daniels becomes Purdue University president next year, he will be free to exert pressure on former colleagues at the Statehouse for funding and other matters, Indiana’s top official on ethics issues said in an informal opinion released Friday.

Since being elected Purdue’s 12th president in June, some have questioned whether a one-year “cooling off period” required by the State Ethics Code would apply to Daniels in 2013. The code is intended to keep former public employees from working as lobbyists for a year after leaving a state job.

Earlier this summer, Daniels even went as far as to say if the rule arguably applied to him, another Purdue official would lobby in his place. Now, two informal advisory opinions say he can do it himself.

Opinions from David Thomas, inspector general, and Tim Grogg, the Indiana Department of Administration’s executive director of executive branch lobbying, found that no restrictions will apply to Daniels after he becomes Purdue president.

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