Westminster Students Use Silence To Gain Voice

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A group of about 15 Westminster College students sat in the center of campus Wednesday with duct tape on their mouths and hot sun bearing down on their heads.

The "rally for representation" was a response to the private college’s recent decision to remove student body president Nick Raoux, overriding the student government’s decision to not impeach him for attending a college-sponsored event while drunk. Administrators decided to remove him based on the school’s student code of conduct and disciplinary policy.

Rally organizers said it wasn’t planned to protest Raoux’s removal by administrators, but to react to what it said to students about the impact of their voices.

"It kind of showed us that we don’t have as much power as we really thought that we do," said Kailey Kornhauser, 20, who organized the event as a member of the Revolutionary Students Union club on campus.

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