A Weighty Tweet From Towson University?

Ann McClure's picture

No, Towson University is not suggesting anyone try a new weight loss plan.

The university's TowsonUNews Twitter account was hijacked late last week, leaving some 6,121 people wondering why Towson was suggesting via Twitter that they try this new weight-loss diet.

Towson media specialist Gay Pinder sheepishly acknowledged Monday morning, that, yes, she clicked on one of those "people are saying nasty things about you, click here to find out what" links late last week. That's why the notices showed up on so many people's Twitter feeds.

Pinder says she uses the TowsonUNews account to alert Towson students, as well as the media, to interesting campus goings-on. Neither she nor the university, she emphasizes, endorse any weight-loss plan.

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