Wayne State To Build $90-Million Biomedical Facility

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Wayne State University plans to pump more than $90 million into a new biomedical research facility at the edge of its campus -- a move that continues its push to improve Detroit's Midtown.

The university is hoping to use $30 million from the state, along with $63 million from its coffers, to renovate the old Dalgleish Cadillac building and tear down the American Beauty Iron Building next to it.

The project would be the largest in WSU's history.

The state share is included in a budget proposal from Gov. Rick Snyder, based on recommendations made during the previous administration, budget office spokesman Kurt Weiss said. In total, funding is recommended for projects at nine of the state's 15 public universities. The Legislature still needs to approve the plan.

WSU officials are confident the money is coming.

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