Walmart on Campus Coming Soon to Arizona State University

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Big box retailer Walmart is known for its super-size stores and shelves stocked with super-size quantities of pretty much everything. But this fall, Walmart is planning a serious downsize -- specifically into a spot on the bottom floor of Vista Del Sol, an ASU residential project on Apache Boulevard in Tempe.

Vista del Sol houses almost 2,000 students and, according to the university, "represents the future of student housing as ASU created a long-term partnership with American Campus Communities in the financing of the project."

Aside from the huge sign hanging at Vista Del Sol and a very unofficial Facebook page, specifics about Walmart's opening are scarce. The Vista Del Sol front desk employees say the store will open sometime in the fall, though Walmart and American Campus Communities have yet to return our phone calls.

Walmart previously opened a "pop-up" store at the university's Memorial Union in 2010, serving students moving into dorms for the first week of school. Since, the retailer has opened "campus" stores at Georgia Tech and University of Arkansas carrying groceries, beauty products, and general non-food items. Each also includes a pharmacy and financial services center.

Last year, Walmart chairman Rob Walton and his wife, Melanie, donated $27.5 million to ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability, which was the fourth-largest gift ever donated to ASU, according to the ASU Foundation.

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