W. Va. Senate Passes Higher Education Funding Formula

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As the Senate worked to consider as many bills as possible before the official crossover day today, two actions on the floor saw some major debate. The first, a bill studying a change to the funding model for higher education facilities was discussed and then put to a vote. The second, an amendment proposed for a second time on the floor that had already failed in committee.

Twenty-three bills on third reading were put to a vote in the Senate, including one dealing with a new higher education funding formula.  

As all of the state’s higher education institutions face at least a 7.5 percent budget cut this fiscal year, the legislature is reevaluating the way those schools are funded. Education Chair Senator Robert Plymale. 

“It would be foolish for anybody, such as myself, to say that you’re going to take additional money away from someone,” Plymale said.   

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