Virginia School & Campus Safety Forum selects Awareity to Present Bullying and Risk Prevention Strategies

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Each year, constituents from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds assemble at the Training Forum to focus on the safety and security of all students and staff in Virginia’s school systems and institutions of higher education. School Resource Officers, School Security Officers, DARE officers, school counselors, teachers, administrators, security directors, hearing officers, campus police and security officers, and many others come together annually to share ideas and learn how to collectively address the opportunities and challenges in keeping our schools and campuses safe.

Shaw’s presentation, Bullying and Alarming Student Safety Trends: Lessons Learned In Preventing vs. Reacting, will discuss how recent studies of widely publicized bullycide tragedies indicate educators often have the necessary information to avoid tragedy, but the challenge is getting that information into the hands of the right people at the right time. Virginia students rank bullying as their greatest threat to safety, which leads to alarming trends with lower student achievement, as well as truancy, depression, anxiety, violence, and suicides. Lessons learned reveal students, teachers, safety teams, administration, parents, and others are not equipped to handle preventable incidents.

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