Violent Clash Erupts Outside Cal State Trustees Meeting

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California State University trustees on Wednesday approved a 9% tuition increase after a raucous session in which police used pepper spray and batons to clear protesters who had disrupted the meeting in Long Beach.

The board voted 9 to 6 to raise tuition by about $500 for fall 2012, bringing the annual education charges for undergraduates to $5,970, not including campus-based fees that average $1,047.

But the meeting descended into chaos when members of the audience began chanting "we are the 99%," and demanding that trustees sign a pledge to force financial institutions to pay more taxes to fund higher education.

After several minutes, trustees left the boardroom, and university police herded the protesters outside where they joined about 100 other demonstrators, including students and members of the activist groups Occupy Long Beach and ReFund California.

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