ViewSonic announces PLED-W200 and PLED-W500 portable LED projectors

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ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today unveiled its brand new LED projector line, including the availability of the PLED-W200 and PLED-W500.

Ideal for the business traveler or on-the-road presenter, this ultra portable and energy-efficient projector line features miniature form factors and 20,000-hour long-life LED light source. Both the PLED-W200 and PLED-W500 come 3D-ready with 120Hz frame rates for immersive 3D visuals. In addition to being stylish and lightweight, the PLED line doesn’t skimp on any features. In fact, these short throw projectors feature WXGA widescreen resolutions for large screen HD projection in compact spaces. Paired with USB port and HDMI connectivity (only available on the PLED-W500), Microsoft® Office® viewer functionality and an SD card reader, for a versatile assortment of ways for users to display documents, PDFs, videos, photos and other multimedia files without a PC. For additional multimedia file storage, the PLED-W500 also offers 1GB of internal memory.

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