Videx Announces Launch of New Access Control Module

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Videx is proud to announce the release of its latest CyberLock Flex System module. The CyberLock Flex System Keyport is part of a sophisticated access control system designed to increase security, track and control access, and improve key control throughout a facility.
The Keyport module is a component of the Flex System, an expansion platform that brings all of the benefits of a wired access control solution to the key-centric CyberLock system. This rugged, weatherized multifunction module can serve as both a CyberLock communication device and a Flex System input device.
As a CyberLock communicator, the Keyport downloads audit trail information from CyberKey smart keys and reports access activity to the management software. Simultaneously, the Keyport module updates keys with new access schedules, permissions, and system updates. The audit trail pulled from the key includes the time, date, and location of both access granted and access denied events.

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