Video game courses score big on college campuses

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If you imagine the average video gamer as a teenage boy sinking hours of his life into "Call of Duty" or "World of Warcraft" instead of doing his homework, you can see why most people think that video games and school work mix about as well as oil and water. But the two might work well together — at least if diehard gamers find a way to turn their passion into a project outside their parent's basement.

According to a new report from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), U.S. colleges and universities have taken to games a big way, now offering more coursework and degrees dedicated to the study of video games than ever before.

The report — largely a compilation of all things video game-related in the world of American academia — says that 385 higher education institutions now offer either individual courses or full degrees in game design. Of the 385, 226 offer bachelor's degrees, 55 offer associate's degrees, and 46 offer master's degrees.

So far, only four universities offer full-blown Ph.D. programs: University of California in Santa Cruz, Chicago's DePaul University, Northeastern University in Boston, and Adelphi University in Garden City.

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