Veterans Face Issues In Higher Education

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Veterans or student service members face myriad issues when enrolling in college, experts told the Legislature's Select Committee on Veterans Affairs on Aug. 14.

According to Skip Gebhart, veterans' coordinator with the Higher Education Policy Commission, changes in the GI Bill have resulted in confused students and faculty and also means the HEPC is forced to help an overloaded Veterans Administration in assisting students in understanding their benefits.

"The state approving agencies had to take on a role of helping schools more than they used to," he told the committee. "The VA was a little slow to respond for a lot of reasons. They don't have the people on the ground. They don't have the expertise to deal with education. They can deal with benefits, but not education."

Approving agencies across the country, such as HEPC, have had to take on more of a consulting and training role to help schools cope with the high number of veteran enrollees and understand the GI program.

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