Vantage Media Introduces SchoolSelect™ A Pay-Per-Click Marketplace for Post-Secondary Schools

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Vantage Media, the fastest growing vertical performance marketing company, today announced the launch of Vantage Media SchoolSelect™ marketplace for post secondary schools. This powerful advertising platform allows school clients to target a new segment of prospective students who meet client-defined parameters, thereby enabling them to derive higher value, conversions and ROI.

With Vantage Media SchoolSelect, schools now have the option to define and reach prospective student pools using a variety of criteria including geography and area of study interest.  The SchoolSelect technology platform is expected to create an influx of new student prospects and enrollments through highly targeted online sources including Vantage Media's Yahoo Education partnership, premier owned and operated domains, and top tier organic ranking and paid search publishers in a more transparent manner. Moreover, SchoolSelect participants are able to leverage SchoolSelect's auction based pricing model to control pricing for better return on their advertising spend. This pricing control allows SchoolSelect school participants to increase student prospect volume when and where it best serves their performance goals.

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