Vanderbilt University In Sync With the Industry: It's Nolij Web ECM All the Way

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Nolij Corporation, a provider of higher education focused, zero-footprint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and data integration technology, continues its dominance in the higher education space by announcing today that Vanderbilt University has selected the Nolij Web ECM solution following an in-depth competitive evaluation of industry offerings. Vanderbilt plans to begin the Nolij Web rollout in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
Vanderbilt University carried out a robust competitive evaluation to gain a thorough understanding of the ECM market and available solutions before selecting Nolij’s industry-leading technology.  By selecting Nolij Web, Vanderbilt aligns itself with hundreds of colleges and universities - including more than fifty (50) institutions in 2011 alone - to also choose Nolij technology. Vanderbilt’s requirements targeted an enterprise content management solution with proven, cutting edge technology, established higher education experience, and PeopleSoft integration capabilities out of the box. From a pure technology standpoint, Vanderbilt gave high marks to Nolij's browser independence, platform agnostic design, and zero footprint architecture.

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