The value of college—according to Gallup

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With tuition on the rise and student debt now totaling more than $1.2 trillion, it’s no wonder students are increasingly questioning the value of college. Presidents of small schools are claiming a liberal arts degree is vital, and the federal government is trying to figure out how to determine which schools are worthy of its funding. There’s been greater focus on measuring what alumni earn after graduation, and now, Gallup’s getting into the act, saying the value is about more than money.

Gallup is assembling “the largest representative sample of college graduates that’s ever been collected,” according to Brandon Busteed, executive director of Gallup Education. It will ask 30,000 grads questions from its existing surveys about well-being and workplace engagement to see how a college education effects happiness. “If a college and university degree doesn’t at least increase the probably of you having a great job and a better life, then what good is it doing?,” Busteed asks.

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