UW System Students Under Pressure To Graduate In Four Years

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Should the path to a degree in University of Wisconsin System schools take as long as it does?

With tuition rising and student debt mounting, the system is under scrutiny for the number of students taking more than four years to earn a traditional bachelor's degree.

"The reason they're (students) feeling more pressure has been driven by the economy," UW System spokesman David Giroux said.

Systemwide, the UW system has improved its degree trajectory since 1990, when only 15% of students who enrolled as freshmen graduated four years later from the same institution. For the 2005 class of freshmen, the most recent figures with complete six-year data, that rose to 28.8% and almost 60% graduated within six years. But among the nearly 15,000 students who graduated from their original institution, a majority, 53.1%, took either five or six years.

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