UW-Madison Tuition, Fees Would Top $10,000 If Increase OK'd

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Tuition and fees this fall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison would top $10,000 for in-state students, and UW-Milwaukee would be close behind, if a recommended 5.5% tuition increase is approved by the Board of Regents this week.

For a sixth consecutive year, UW System President Kevin Reilly is recommending a 5.5% tuition increase for in-state students at all 13 four-year campuses.

It's the highest tuition increase allowed by the 2011-'13 state budget, which capped tuition increases within the UW System at 5.5% for each year of the biennium and put a moratorium on any new tuition differential initiatives to increase tuition beyond what the regents approve.

Added to last year's 5.5% tuition increase, the proposed hike would add $110 million in new tuition revenue for UW institutions over the two-year period - about one-third of the funds needed to offset state budget cuts and lapses, according to the UW System.

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