UW-Madison Plans New Restrictions On Students' Moped Use

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In the minutes between classes at UW-Madison, hundreds of students hop on mopeds and scooters to drive from building to building, creating a chaotic scene along with pedestrians and bicyclists.

Now UW transportation officials, citing what they call inefficient and dangerous use by moped owners, are looking to end the practice of students riding between their classes this year by requiring owners to apply for parking in just one of 52 campus lots starting Sept. 1.

The idea is to get moped owners to park in one place and walk or ride buses between buildings, UW Transportation Services Director Patrick Kass said. Owners would have access to that lot, along with seven others around the perimeter of campus.

"We are going to start treating mopeds the same as we do automobiles," Kass said. "They can be used to commute to and from the campus, but not within the campus."

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