UW-Madison Plans To Improve Reporting And Tracking Of Bias Incidents

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UW-Madison officials say they will try to make it easier for students to report incidents of bias — conduct, speech or expression motivated by prejudice — and they are working on a better system for tracking such reports.

The university is currently investigating an allegation that members of the UW-Madison chapter of Delta Upsilon yelled racial slurs at two black women and threw a bottle at them.

Kevin Helmkamp, associate dean of students, said the current reporting mechanism is “not the easiest.” A student needs to fill out a paper form and drop it off at the Dean of Students Office.

He said the university is working on a system that will allow students to send complaints electronically, likely through a website. This will also allow the university to better track incidents, Helmkamp said. Not all complaints result in an investigation, he said, but the new system could help the university look for patterns even when a student does not want to pursue a formal case.

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