UW-Madison To Give Merit-Based Raises To Third Of Faculty, Staff

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UW-Madison will give targeted raises to about one-third of its faculty and academic staff members in an effort to make salaries more competitive and buoy spirits amid a four-year dry spell in across-the-board pay increases.

The new initiative, described in a memo to university administrators that was to be sent out Tuesday, will mean raises of at least 5 percent for some high-performing staff members who are at risk of leaving or underpaid compared to those in similar jobs.

Paul DeLuca, UW-Madison's provost, described the plan as "retention on steroids."

"If we don't do something to retain the best of the best faculty, we're going to start to hemorrhage our most important human resource," he said in an interview Monday. "And that's something you can't recover too quickly from. When that starts to happen it can be devastating to an institution."

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