UW-Madison Dean Of Students Says 'Don't Go' To Mifflin Party; UW Pulls Video

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The response to a video from UW-Madison Dean of Students Lori Berquam emphatically urging students to avoid the Mifflin Street Block Party was not exactly what she hoped when it was posted online Monday. In fact, she described it as a "disaster." She told students, "Don't go." They told her: Don't tell us what to do. By Tuesday, the university had removed the video from its YouTube channel due to critical comments — some of them attacking Berquam personally — and students questioned her maternal approach, even if they understood why she delivered the message. "She just kept repeating 'Don't go,' 'Don't go,'" said Mariel Crolius, 21, a UW-Madison junior who plans to attend the May 5 party. "When you're telling a population of young people not to do something, the tendency will be that they'll just do it anyway."

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