UW-Madison Accepting More In-State Applicants

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University of Wisconsin-Madison accepted 5% more in-state students who applied for admission this fall than it accepted last year - good news for high-achieving Wisconsin students previously on the admissions bubble because the flagship is so selective.

The trend is likely to continue for several years with declining birthrates driving down the number of prospective college students, and the number of students walking out the door with UW-Madison diplomas on the rise, according to university officials.

But it's not-so-good news for other UW System campuses from which the flagship may be skimming strong students who would have enrolled there if they couldn't get into Madison.

"There's no question as demographics drive down, to accept a class size we want and maintain the selectivity, we're going to accept more students," UW-Madison Provost Paul DeLuca Jr. said Tuesday. "You could have 100 applications and all 100 are perfectly acceptable. We can choose how many we take and it doesn't change the quality."

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