U.Va. President: Attention Gives School Chance To Shine

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All eyes are on the University of Virginia following the turmoil this summer over her attempted ouster, President Teresa Sullivan said Tuesday.

The added scrutiny will give the university founded by Thomas Jefferson the chance to shine, Sullivan told reporters at Carrs Hill, her home on the university grounds, in her first press conference since the campus was thrown into chaos for two weeks in June over the attempted coup.

“A lot of people are paying attention to U.Va. now because of what happened here this past summer,” Sullivan said. “This means that we have the opportunity to model for the rest of the country, not just how a university survives, but how it can even thrive facing the challenges that I just mentioned. Our progress over the next few years will be a bellwether for all of public higher education in America, and it’s a mistake not to think that everyone’s watching.”

U.Va. officials announced June 10 that Sullivan would step down in August, surprising the university community and triggering an outcry over the lack of explanation about her forced resignation. The announcement led to two weeks of protests, resignations and reneged donations until officials reinstated Sullivan on June 26.

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