Utah’s Neumont University Cries Foul Over Negative Online Reviews

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According to anonymous reviews posted online, Neumont University is a "sham" whose unqualified faculty don’t respect students and don’t prepare them well for careers in the digital workforce.

Of the 17 postings on the CollegeTimes website, there is not a word of praise for Neumont. The page warns students to avoid the for-profit school because it is nationally, rather than regionally, accredited.

Now the Utah-based school is fighting back, seeking a preliminary injunction in a Las Vegas federal court. It’s also seeking damages from the site’s principal, Jesse Nickles, and Little Bizzy, his online management and marketing services provider.

In court filings, the school says the site portrays a one-sided and defamatory distortion that scares students away. CollegeTimes "masquerades" as an open forum for the benefit of consumers, but in reality Nickles manipulates the content in hope of "extorting" schools into buying the site’s domain name, court documents allege.

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