UT-Austin Was Just One Of Three Campuses Disrupted By Bomb Threats Friday

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Thousands of people streamed off three college campuses Friday after bomb threats prompted officials to issue evacuation orders for schools in Texas, North Dakota and Ohio.

The campuses of the University of Texas at Austin and North Dakota State University in Fargo had been deemed safe by early afternoon, and authorities were working to determine whether the threats were related. A third evacuation order, for much-smaller Hiram College in northeast Ohio was issued hours later and remained in effect Friday evening.

Hiram officials posted a statement on the college’s website saying the school had received a bomb threat that it was “taking seriously.” Police confirmed the evacuation and the statement said crews with bomb-sniffing dogs were checking all buildings on the campus about 35 miles southeast of Cleveland where about 1,300 students are enrolled.

The threats on the much-larger campuses in Texas and North Dakota ended as false alarms after tens of thousands of people followed urgently worded evacuation orders, one of which some worried didn’t come fast enough.

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