USNH Leaders Seek Restored Funding For Higher Education

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Restoring state funding to the university system would mean a freeze in tuition rates, legislators were told Monday.

In the last biennium, public funding for in-state students was cut nearly in half. On Monday, presidents asked for $100 million back.

"With full funding, we will freeze tuition, nearly double financial aid and continue to develop partnerships with employers and the community college system to implement innovative paths to degree completion," said Pamela Diamantis, vice chairman of the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees.

The four presidents of the state's colleges and universities also sat before the Governor's Fiscal Year 2014-15 Operating Budget Hearing and pleaded their case, arguing that New Hampshire's economy needs to retain its in-state students who are increasingly going out of state and sometimes finding it less expensive to do so. And while some return, many do not.

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