Update: Suspended UI Professor Denounces Pay Freeze

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A University of Iowa professor who has earned more than $100,000 while on paid leave for disciplinary reasons says it is unfair he did not receive a salary increase for the current budget year.

UI radiology professor Malik Juweid has been barred from campus since January after he was accused of disruptive and harassing behavior toward colleagues. The university has started a process that could lead to his dismissal.

Juweid contends in a lawsuit that the university is retaliating against him because he accused superiors of discrimination and wrongdoing. The university denies his claims and says Juweid sent dozens of harassing and unprofessional e-mails to colleagues and engaged in other behavior that violated its rules governing workplace behavior.

After learning his salary would be $241,026 for the current budget year that began last week, Juweid sent e-mails to university officials and media outlets on Tuesday and Wed nesday complaining about what he called a $300 pay cut. He said it was unfair that others were getting increases and wrote "the injustice with my salary must be corrected immediately."

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