University's Complete College Georgia Plan Combines Strengths To Boost Graduation Rates

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Gov. Nathan Deal announced a statewide initiative last year to increase the numbers of Georgians completing college, and today he rolled out those plans from each of the state's public higher education institutions.

A 2011 study by Georgetown University found that to meet projected workforce needs, Georgia will need to increase the percentage of its population with some level of college completion from a current 42 percent to 60 percent over the next eight years. The result is an ambitious goal of adding 250,000 postsecondary graduates to Georgia's workforce by 2020.

"I am pleased with the great partnership that is evident in this critical effort for Georgia's future," said Gov. Deal in the announcement from his office. "I issued an ambitious call for action, and the response has been swift and comprehensive. This is exactly what I expected and what Georgians want in terms of a flexible and responsive public higher education system that is truly focused on meeting the needs of the state."

North Georgia College & State University and Gainesville State College, which are scheduled to consolidate in January 2013, developed a combined plan for the University of North Georgia (UNG)* that builds on existing efforts at each institution to promote student success and increase retention and graduation rates.

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