University of Tampa's profile, enrollment rising

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In December 1994, as the University of Tampa's trustees prepared to name their newest president, the school was plagued by dwindling enrollment.

Four years of fewer students, millions of dollars in budget cuts, layoffs and proposed cuts in faculty prompted the previous president to resign. And a nationally known enrollment expert hired in 1992 had quit as the number of students kept shrinking.

Things sure have changed. The university's projected enrollment this year is 6,900 graduates and undergraduates combined. That's a 189 percent increase since the 1994-95 school year, when 2,388 students were enrolled.

Dennis Nostrand, in his fourth year as UT's vice president for enrollment management, said the boom came from drastic improvements in marketing and recruiting.

"They really cut back on a lot of unnecessary expenses, put more money into marketing, and they put more money into recruitment and tried to start to increase the enrollment," he said.

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