University of Oklahoma to headline free webinar on June 27th

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It was a near-miss, potential disaster that galvanized the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Oklahoma (OU) into taking action, says Dr. Rhonda Dean-Kyncl, assistant dean for college academic services. Her office staff is responsible for safely handling the entire academic histories of more than 8,000 students. 

Until a few years ago, her office used a traditional hard-copy, paper file system to manage these records, and this method was growing increasingly unwieldy and inefficient. Then the flood of 2010 happened. During the campus’ winter break, a pipe in the third-floor ceiling burst, inundating the north end of the building. If the pipe had ruptured in the south end, all the student records from the College of Arts & Sciences would have been destroyed, says Dr. Kyncl. It was too close for comfort; a change was definitely required.

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