University Of North Carolina System Loses 3,000 Workers After Budget

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The University of North Carolina system cut more than 3,000 filled jobs because of spending reductions required by the General Assembly in this year's budget, leading to larger class sizes, curtailed services and fewer instructors and administrators, according to a system report released Thursday.

The university system, which collected data from all 17 campuses and other programs, reported 488 filled full-time positions were eliminated and 2,544 part-time or temporary workers were no longer employed. In addition, the report said another 1,487 vacant positions were eliminated and another 508 previously funded with state money are now funded through other methods, such as university receipts.

The Republican-penned budget required the university system to come up with $414 million in spending reductions -- equivalent to an across-the-board reduction of 15.6 percent. It was part of a legislative plan to close a $2.6 billion shortfall while allowing a pair of temporary tax increases to expire.

The report, being presented Thursday afternoon to a budget committee of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors meeting in Chapel Hill, said 1,979 of the part-time workers who are no longer employed were labeled as faculty positions such as lecturers and adjunct faculty. Another 356 people who were let go were categorized primarily as graduate assistants who performed some teaching or research duties.

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