University Of New Haven Awards Four Full Scholarships To Facebook Competition Winners

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John-Paul DiTomasso's interest in business began with lemonade stands and selling his own garden produce, but the high school senior just learned that his entrepreneurial bent has won him a four-year scholarship worth $120,000 to the University of New Haven.

"It was like the Publishers ClearingHouse sweepstakes," DiTomasso said Tuesday, describing how Larry Flanagan, executive dean of the university's College of Business, turned up at his Farmington home last week to tell him the good news.

DiTomasso and about 100 other students decided to take Flanagan up on his "dean's challenge," which was outlined on Facebook in early January.

The university wanted to attract top entrepreneurial students, so it initiated a competition, asking applicants to come up with a business proposal and to create a Facebook page for it, describing the business and providing details on why it would be unique, why it was needed, and how it would succeed in the long term.

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