University of New Hampshire Partners with Enterasys to Bring Wi-Fi to the Whittemore Center Arena

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Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company, will bring 100 percent wireless network access to the University of New Hampshire's Whittemore Center, the university's multi-purpose arena that services over a quarter of a million guests each year.

The deployment at UNH will expand wireless capacity exponentially and provide visitors with a more connected and immersive experience at the Whittemore Center. The expansion highlights Enterasys and UNH's joint mission to deliver fast and secure Wi-Fi for students, faculty, staff and guests across the entirety of the campus, which now includes residence halls, academic buildings and athletic facilities.

Key Facts
Enterasys will provide 100 percent Wi-Fi access in this hyper-dense environment that includes up to 7,500 users at a time.
The technology will enable a more interactive and digitally immersive experience through the use of Enterasys' IdentiFi Wi-Fi, NetSight management and B-Series stackable switches.
Due to limited bandwidth, UNH's Whittemore Center wasn't able to support a high capacity of mobile devices. The wireless network will allow guests to bring their own device without fear of interruption and limited connectivity. At the same time, the solution enables UNH to easily manage and control the massive influx of wireless devices by providing centralized visibility and granular control of the enterprise network resources end to end.
The installation will take place over the summer and will be finalized before the start of the fall semester and hockey season.
UNH already employs Enterasys Wi-Fi in its residence halls, academic buildings and outdoor areas.

More info at Enterasys.